Dave Coulter is a True Contemporary Northern Artist

Dave Coulter is a British artist who specialises in cityscapes.  As part of the Northern Art movement, his particular focus is on painting the streets of Manchester and Salford. 

In his paintings, he captures the dynamic movement of the multifaceted cities that have been the inspiration for many painters before him. Dave Coulter is, in essence, as much a part of the North as the scenes he paints.

Now in his early 70s, Dave Coulter has lived through a huge period of change in the area he calls home.  He has seen it all - from the gloom of the mills and factories to the Salford slum clearances of the 1960s and now the development of a vibrant, successful region, full of commerce and bright lights. 

What makes Dave’s work unique is the way he brings the years and the changes together.  In this way, to look at one of his paintings is to see Manchester and Salford past and present, the buildings changing but the people a constant factor.

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Artist Dave Coulter
Exclusive to Cheshire Art Gallery

“ My art is a statement to say how much I appreciate being here and the life I have got. ”


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Dave Coulter’s working life was spent renovating and painting radiators.
The move from painting radiators to painting the Manchester streets he loves has been a gradual one, and it wasn’t until he had two heart attacks that he decided to slow down and spend more time on his beloved art, which became a central part of his healing.

“If Dave Coulter was a stick of rock and you snapped him in half, he would read MANCHESTER through and through.”
Matt Leech, Cheshire Art Gallery